• ‘Create your own Tarot’ is a series of Secondlife events exploring one theme of the Major Arcana cards in each month.
  • The first event, ‘The Fool’ is planned to start at the 15th March and end on the 1st of April.
  • Parallel to the event a Photo Contest will be held with the ongoing card as a theme.
    The image will need to be created in the format of a card. (898 × 1488 pixels)
    (That is the size of a 70mm × 120 mm card + 3mm bleed on each side needed for printing at 300ppi)
    Template is supplied on the Photo Contest page as well as in the Flickr group.
    Please standby for more details on the contest.
  • Sponsors, designers  can apply from 15/01/2015 until 01/02/2015.
  • Blogger applications will be open from 01/02/2105 until 15/02/2015.

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