The Magician – Opening and Costume Party

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I have no experience in organizing such contests and parties, so I was careful advertising the first one, but I think it turned out pretty well for a first. Thank you all for coming, and see you on the next one on the 2nd of May, at the Photo Contest Winner Announcement party!

The others: make sure not to miss the next one, it was fun to meet and literally it was a blast. We had fireballs! 🙂

The Magician


Wendy Wendy

Spell Spell

The Magician The Magician

Magician Cape | Lar’s Workshop (Create Your Own Tarot)
Wendy Dress | DE.Boutique
The Magician Necklace | Aparecium (Create Your Own Tarot)
Feral Spikes Earrings | Cerberus Xing100 Block Exclusive
Guardian Cuff | Wimey (On9-April)
The Magician Heels | Aparecium(Create Your Own Tarot)
Leon Hair | Soonsiki(The Men’s Dept)
Hard Candy Lipstick | Beautiful Freak
Magician Pose & Wand (Gift) | Lar’s Workshop(Create Your Own Tarot)
Margarethe Poses | oOo Studio

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Cat(s) & Mouse


Souris Souris

Magician Magician

Cat and  Mouse Cat and Mouse

Souris Hat | David Heather (Collabor88-April)
Infinitas Straps,Top & Circlet | [TfAtN] (Create Your Own Tarot-The Magician) Opens April 15
Magician’s Assistant | Little Llama (Create Your Own Tarot-The Magician) Opens April 15
Printed Leggings | erratic (Collabor88-April)
Safety Pin Earrings | Yummy (Collabor88-April)
Mode Paint | Chary
Xiah Sandal | Co57
Pyramid Net (modded) | epia (past Arcade Gacha)

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Winners are announced!

Winners for the Fool Photo contest are:

Main category
1st Lucas Quingly
2nd Asa Vordun
3rd Jeje Greymoon

Outsider category:

Other participants
Finn Lawksley
Kikuri Omizu
Beatrice Cerise
Trixie Cliassi
Jaxi Morrison
Gwen Enchanted
Branwen Firanelli
egopixel Deed

Visit the Contest Flickr Group for their designs!

Many thanks to all for contributing to the event 🙂

Closing Party

Our first event deserves a proper closing party, please dress up 🙂


Join us on Saturday for our first party at: Verdigris

Please do visit, for our first inworld meetup: along with foolish music we are planning a costume contest, Trivia and Photo Exhibition.