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Time and Lace

Daydreams cyot fgc welrp1

Daydreams cyot fgc welrp2

Daydreams cyot fgc welrp3

Daydreams cyot fgc welrp4

Daydreams cyot fgc welrp5

Daydreams cyot fgc welrp8

Daydreams cyot fgc welrp6

So I have had a bunch of things that I’ve wanted to blog but I didn’t have any idea what to do with them all (I’m lacking in the inspiration department lately!) I have my own little patch of land that I add to a lot and when shopping at Collabor88 I purchased the beautiful Garden Bard Abode by Trompe Loeil and whenever I buy something like this I then have to fill it up with as many items as possible!

This branch bed by .:~*Alchemist*~:. which is at Shiny Shabby is a perfect edition fitting in nicely with the wooden walls and floors of the garden bard abode. The Lamp also from .:~*Alchemist*~:. is at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and is a common.

After putting these two items down I found it much easier to decorate, the spring flowers and hanging stars by Kalopsia which I also picked up…

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