Contest winners for the Magician round are:

Thank you all for submitting your gorgeous designs. It has been a difficult choice, and all participants’ designs are greatly appreciated! Please do come back and submit your designs even if you were not picked to be among the winners this time! Your efforts will be rewarded!

Winners are announced!

Winners for the Fool Photo contest are:

Main category
1st Lucas Quingly
2nd Asa Vordun
3rd Jeje Greymoon

Outsider category:

Other participants
Finn Lawksley
Kikuri Omizu
Beatrice Cerise
Trixie Cliassi
Jaxi Morrison
Gwen Enchanted
Branwen Firanelli
egopixel Deed

Visit the Contest Flickr Group for their designs!

Many thanks to all for contributing to the event 🙂

Closing Party

Our first event deserves a proper closing party, please dress up 🙂


Join us on Saturday for our first party at: Verdigris

Please do visit, for our first inworld meetup: along with foolish music we are planning a costume contest, Trivia and Photo Exhibition.

Designer Applications are now open for “The Magician” Event in April!

The Blogger Applications are closed for the March event, you can find the list of bloggers here! let me grab the opportunity to thank everyone who applied.


The designer applications for the April event are open now, as a fresh designer you can apply here.

Current designers do not need to reapply, just please fill the questionnaire sent via the inworld group.

Teaser: The “Minor Arcana mini-market” next to the event is to be opened soon, I will send details on this later this week!