Sponsors, Creators

The Empress  (June 15 – July 1)


Aparecium-LOGO--150 +Blue-Blood+-Logo Byrne150 FGInc_LOGOweb256visit
LarissaStarostinLogo Immateria-Logo150 Stargazer-New-Logo150



Anachron-Logo-Square logo .__Cubic Cherry Kre-ations__. 17610608575_7dc571a8c0_q FuubutsuDou!---Logo-150
16044006167_927554907a Little-Llama-Logo150 Lyrical-B!zarre-Templates-LOGO150 (NEW)naminoke_StoreLogo_150
The Nebulae! Sq. Logo



The High Priestess (May 15- June 1)


logo-ayashi150 Aparecium-LOGO--150 +Blue-Blood+-Logo Byrne150
LarissaStarostinLogo Immateria-Logo150 ._KosmO_150 Stargazer-New-Logo150



 FuubutsuDou!---Logo-150 hopscotch Little-Llama-Logo150 Lyrical-B!zarre-Templates-LOGO150
(NEW)naminoke_StoreLogo_150 PixyStix
ROQUAI-Logo-black-(1_1) [TfAtN]-Logo-small
van-luck-logo ZoZ150



THE MAGICIAN event (April 15 – May 1):


logo-ayashi150 Aparecium-LOGO--150
LarissaStarostinLogo  +Blue-Blood+-Logo  StarMatter-Logo


anc-Ltd150 Figment FuubutsuDou!---Logo-150
Little-Llama-Logo150  Lyrical-B!zarre-Templates-LOGO150  (NEW)naminoke_StoreLogo_150
Ohmai_Logo_150 ROQUAI-Logo-black-(1_1)  [TfAtN]-Logo-small




3 thoughts on “Sponsors, Creators

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  3. Q/A regarding the stalls: They are interchangeable, please let me know if you need another kind. Also, feel free to use the space around the circus and between the stalls. We can make the event look like a real market as long as you stay within 22 prims.


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