Designer Application

If you are interested in joining our events from July or August, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to apply.

Please note that the cost of participation is 1000L in July and August.

We are aiming to display original, artistic, high quality creations. A bit of a crazy twist is always welcome.

What we offer:

  • Thorough advertisement campaign, creative spirit. (CyoT is advertised on Eloquence and SeraphimSL)
  • 22 prims for each Designer
  • 2 weeks each month
  • Your logo displayed on our blog/FB as creator
  • Organizing a photo contest each month

What we ask:

  • Please adhere to the theme.
  • 1000 L for 22 prims for 4 weeks: 1 week preparations, 2 weeks for the event occasion and 1 week to clean up after the event.
  • The internet provides plenty of resources to delve into the symbolism of Tarot, please do your research on each card. This should be fun 🙂
  • In your store you need to rez our ad. Please also add our logo to your Blog/FB page/Tumbler/Twitter.
  • Minimum 1 product must be exclusive during the event. Discounts are appreciated, but not forced.
    3-5 products would be ideal altogether. (The exclusive items can be sold at your stores after the event)
    (If you have at least 2 items in favour of the theme, other items in accord with the Minor Arcana or generally Tarot related items are welcome to be displayed and sold.)
  • Expected exclusive products: poses, outfits, accessories, hair, skin, props. Anything that can be depicted on an artistically assembled Tarot card of the current event.
  • Other products: Anything that fits the mood of the theme.

Gacha machines

  • A Tarot themed 1 gacha machine is allowed per creator.
  • The products of this machine are not limited to the monthly theme, they can also include items that can be displayed in the Minor Arcana. (Swords, Wands (or Staves), Pentacles (or Coins/Disks), Cups) or other Tarot related items.


Sponsors of ‘Create your own Tarot’ offer free group gifts in each round, sponsor the photo contest and are always mentioned in special emphasis during the campaign. We are looking for at least one main sponsor to a maximum of 4-6 sponsors.

Our 512×512 ad:


Please fill out the application form below, if you are interested in joining the creator team:

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