Schedule for each round


Newcomers: 500L booking fee to be paid to Apollo Scribe when application is accepted. You will receive the group invitation after this is paid.

For returning creators: 500L booking fee to be paid latest by the 1st of each month.

STALL renting for Creators

  • Rent your stall for 1000L on location between the 5th and10th of each month. The earlier, the better!  (Each stall has a rental board, 1000L is to be paid for 4 weeks.)

ITEM rezzing for Creators

  • Rez your items on location between the 10th and 14th of each month


  • On the 15th, 9am SLT each month


Please add your vendor pics, blogpost pics to our Flickr group before or on the first few days of the event!

EVENT Costume Party: Everybody is welcome to join!

  • First Saturday after the opening at 9pm SLT (This date might change per event)

Photo Contest

  • Between the 15th and last day of the month

EVENT CLOSES, Photo contest voting starts

  • 1st of next month (Creators, please remove items until 5th of next month)

Photo Contest Winner Announcement

  • First Saturday of the next month, latest by the start of the next event.

Photo Contest Prizes to be delivered

  • Ideally before the next event starts, latest by the end of next month

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