The Fool (March 15 – April 1)


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“Blissful carelessness,
the power of ignorance.”


“The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The sun shining behind him represents the divine nature of the Fool’s wisdom and exuberance, holy madness or ‘crazy wisdom‘. On his back are all the possessions he might need. In his hand there is a flower, showing his appreciation of beauty. He is frequently accompanied by a dog, sometimes seen as his animal desires, sometimes as the call of the “real world”, nipping at his heels and distracting him. He is seemingly oblivious that he is walking toward a precipice, apparently about to step off.”


“The Major Arcana is often considered as the Fool’s journey through life and as such, he is ever present and therefore needs no number.”


“The Fool is shown at the beginning of his journey with unlimited potential. The sun rising up behind him represents the beginning of his journey. He is facing north-west, the direction of the unknown. He is looking upwards, toward the sky, or Spirit. He is about to step off a cliff into the material world but is he prepared? He has all the tools and resources he needs in the bag on his staff but he has not opened the bag yet. The white rose in his left hand represents purity and innocence. He has a guardian in the little white dog who will protect him throughout his journey but who will also push him to learn the lessons the Fool came here to learn. The mountains behind the Fool represent the realms of Spirit that he has just left and will spend his life trying to regain.”


“You need to trust that you are a spirit born into flesh to enjoy life and grow in experience. Take a chance and see what happens.”

(Biddy Tarot)

The Fool: Although The Fool appears to be a masculine archetype, the face contains an air of femininity. This gives The Fool an androgynous appearance which Symbolizes a combination and Union of both the male and female essences. This means that The Fool does not experience his Journey through either a male or female perspective. He experiences it through both perspectives.
This androgynous (Hermaphroditic) portrayal of The Fool reminds us that The Fool’s Journey is a journey that is available to any man, woman, boy, or girl who wishes to participate in an Adventure.

Mountains Symbolize the higher realms of consciousness. The higher the mountain, the higher the realm of consciousness. The highest mountain peak would Symbolize the highest realm of consciousness that we can experience while still on earth. In addition, when viewed from afar, mountain peaks are the highest points on the Horizon and represent the loftiest
Border Between Realms; the highest borderland between heaven and earth.

The Precipice upon which The Fool and his dog are standing symbolizes the Threshold where one Journey ends so that another Journey can begin.

(Also: The Precipice Symbolizes the mental obstacles we create for ourselves which deter many of us from taking the next step in order to achieve and experience our dreams.)

The Dog is “Man’s best friend”. The Dog is Instinctive and is a Symbol for loyalty, trust, protection, and companionship.

White symbolizes Purity and Enlightenment.

(from Seeker’s Thoughts)

It is the introverted happiness, and that’s the most difficult one to obtain. If you’re happy when you’re on your own, then you are truly happy, at peace with yourself. This fool must have made it, because he look euphoric.

There are many kinds of happiness, most of them short lived, ending in the gloom that their departure induces. But the Tarot Fool has found something lasting – a joy that emerges from deep inside, seemingly for no reason at all. He has discovered that deep inside, he’s content. Such happiness remains and is easy to return to.

The dog by the Tarot Fool’s side can feel the authenticity of his happiness and that it’s just as unconditional as canine love. So, of course they join.

Well, the dog does. The Tarot Fool is too inebriated by his joy to notice anything around him. He’s by the edge of a cliff, his face turned to the sky. But it seems that if he takes another step, he will not fall. He’ll probably just keep on walking – in mid-air.

The Tarot Fool card definitely indicates happiness. Whatever problem there was, it’s gone as if all by itself, leaving you carefree. Other threats might appear, but they’ll not damage the one who doesn’t worry. The cure is always to never cease taking delight in life.

(from  Stefan’s page)


Potential, beginnings, innocence, new goals, creative surge, new journey, uncharted territories, experiences ahead, personal growth, development, adventures, carefree life. courage, risk taking, wonder, awe, curiosity, excitement, possibilities, optimism, idealism, happiness,  folly, mania, extravagance, intoxication, delirium, frenzy, bewrayment.

Upright: positive change, innovation, a positive unexpected event, new experience, risk

Reversed: negligence, absence, distribution, carelessness, apathy, nullity, vanity, negative change, foolishness, a negative unexpected event, irresponsibility, possible danger

One of my favorite decks is the one created by Dave McKean:

Feel free to add your own findings, or favorite card styles in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “The Fool (March 15 – April 1)

  1. I wish I could have better things to add but Apollo really covered quite a large basis of the basics of this card. I just wanted to contribute by sharing one of my favourite decks – the Deviant Moon deck. It’s a little darker than most decks, which reveals a different perspective than might otherwise not be in other decks.

    Patrick Valenza the creator of the deck explains more about his take on the fool here:

    Hopefully this can be an added inspiration to whomever is working on stuff this round 😀

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